Dr. Gertie Marx, the Mother of Obstetric Anesthesia.

As a pioneer in the field of Obstetrics, Dr. Gertie Marx was relentless in her drive and never diverged from her guiding philosophy – to pursue innovative techniques and technology that would improve the comfort and well being of mother and child.

Dr. Marx was well known for her devotion to science and produced many ground breaking studies that paved the way for major transformations in Anesthesia. Known to many as the Mother of Obstetric Anesthesia, Dr. Marx dedicated her life to advancing technology and improving medical techniques, tools, and practices that have resulted in major advancements to the field of Obstetrics and Anesthesia in general.

Dr. Marx continues to impact the field of obstetrics through her ground breaking work and also through the legacy of doctors she trained and inspired. Her contributions to doctors is matched only by her impact to transforming patient care through innovation, hard work and good science.

IMD is proud to continue to support the legacy of Dr. Gertie Marx.