Combined Spinal Epidural Sets

Delivering superior outcomes by providing a higher level of precision and control.

Longer needles have been shown to be more effective at obtaining CSF for Combined Spinal Analgesia. IMD offers a comprehensive range of individually packaged, sterile needles in a variety of longer lengths for Neuraxial Anesthesia (Spinal, Epidural and CSE).

Studies offer clinicians and stakeholders a comprehensive assessment and high-quality evidence for the safety and efficacy of atraumatic needles as a superior option for patients practicing lumbar puncture, and myelograms.

A Comparison of Complications Which Occur Following Combined Spinal-Epidural or
Continuous Infusion Lumbar Epidural Analgesia for Labor

Ramasamy M, Birnbach DJ, Stein DJ, Bourlier RA, Danzer BI,

Longer Needle More Effective at Obtaining CSF For Combined Spinal Epidural Analgesia

Dr. Catherine L. Hamilton